“This site is the bang bang boogie!” Ragz Sweet Jones (F.L.I.P)

“Hip Hop Life And Times is the one the best blogs to keep up to date with all the hip hop news, and happenings that matter…If you don’t know, now you know!” Stealf (DeFacto Entertainment)

“Hip-Hop Life And Times is so special, because it supports real artists and the underground movement. This is without a doubt one of the most important blogs in Hip-Hop.” Tricksta (Park Street PR/UK Runnings)

“I love this blog, to be honest it’s the only one I really go on. For me I know what I’m about to watch or read is real if it’s Hip-Hop Life And Times. Big website!!!” Big Dutty Deeze (Deeze Music)

“Hip Hop Life and Times’ showed HLI an earnest appreciation, fandom and support for an all encompassing range of Hip-Hop. Big up.” Elai Immortal of H.L.I

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